HP Baxxter

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HP Baxxter

Season 1 · Episode 3

HP Baxxter is one of Europe’s most popular and controversial pop stars of our time. With his band Scooter he had countless number one hits in Germany, UK and Russia. Scooter's tune “Hyper Hyper” became one of the seminal anthems of the rave generation. In recent years his fame propelled to superstardom when he started a second career as a TV host in Germany for Deutschland sucht den Superstar. Currently, HP Baxxter is celebrating the 25th anniversary of Scooter with an extensive series of open air and arena concerts set to take place in 2017 and 2018. In his STRRR Episode HP Baxxter talks expensive private jets, rave and The KLF.

Photo by Luci Lux, interview by Max Dax, DOP & editing by Richard G. Brzozowski, camera 2 by Luci Lux, animations by TOPE, introduction by Craig Holiday Haynes.

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