Wolfgang Voigt

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Wolfgang Voigt

Season 1 · Episode 4

Wolfgang Voigt is an electronic music producer based in Cologne, best known for co-founding the German techno label Kompakt and pioneering the Minimal Techno scene in Germany. He has released a seemingly endless amount of records under numerous monikers — among them GAS, Mike Ink and Love Inc. — on a plethora of record labels, including Kompakt, Warp, Harvest, Raster-Noton, Force Inc and Astral Industries. In 2017 he not only re-released an impressive vinyl box featuring his classic GAS releases, but also, after a 17 year break, his newest GAS recording “Narkopop.” In his STRRR episode we encounter another side of Wolfgang Voigt, introducing us to the French cinema of the 70s, twelve-tone music of Arnold Schönberg and to contemporary hip hop.

Photo & interview by Max Dax, editing by Richard G. Brzozowski, DOP Falko Sixel, camera 2 by Bruno Manguen, animations by TOPE, introduction by Craig Holiday Haynes.

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