Dieter Meier

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Dieter Meier

Season 2 · Episode 2

Dieter Meier, one half of the electro pop duo Yello, is one of the most recognized artists to have ever emerged from Switzerland. Together with his partner-in-crime, Boris Blank, Dieter Meier wrote numerous hits for Yello in the 80’s and 90’s — among them “Bostich”, “Vicious Games”, “The Rhythm Divine” and “The Race”. In addition, he is also known for his entrepreneurship and his openness towards all other fields of artistic endeavor. Starting as a performance artist in the fluxus tradition in November 1969, Meier famously counted a proverbial mountain of screws on Zurich’s Heimplatz to package them into bags of 1,000 screws each. Eventually Meier became an experimental filmmaker, a painter, a sculptor, and with Yello, an international pop star. On STRRR TV, Dieter Meier reflects upon his long and illustrious career by showcasing a trailer to his film “The Lightmaker”, his very own video to “Bostitch” and even shares a story with us about how he once met Lady Gaga at a benefit dinner for Bob Wilson in New York.

Interview by Max Dax, editing by Lucia Lux, DOP Lucia Lux, camera 2 by Elena Panouli, animations by TOPE, introduction by Craig Holiday Haynes.

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