Ryoichi Kurokawa

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Ryoichi Kurokawa

Season 2 · Episode 3

“For my generation, the PC is an ordinary tool, like a pencil. The audiovisual language can be seen as a true contemporary global vernacular”, says Japanese audio-visual artist Ryoichi Kurokawa. Born in Japan in 1978 and currently based in Berlin, Ryoichi Kurokawa is an internationally acclaimed multimedia artist who experiments in the field of synaesthetics and our perception of time. His utterly beautiful yet complex installations are titled “mol”, “orbit” or “unfold” and bring together highly abstract electronic music, field recordings, computer graphics, animations and light. As a result, his audiovisual installation pieces have been shown to great critical and public acclaim at international festivals and museums including Tate Modern, Venice Biennale, Palais de Tokyo, Transmediale, and Sonar. In his episode for STRRR he showcases and talks about some of his most striking installation pieces and artworks and the process of creating them.

Photo by Richard G. Brzozowski, interview by Daniel Brandt, DOP & editing by Richard G. Brzozowski, camera 2 by Luís Silva, animations by TOPE, introduction by Craig Holiday Haynes, intro music by Philip L, translation by Ruri Kawanami, produced by Philip L

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