Elizabeth Markevitch

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Elizabeth Markevitch

Season 2 · Episode 7

Elizabeth Markevitch is the founder and CEO of Ikono TV, the world’s first TV program that exclusively focuses on art. Founded in 2006, Ikono TV is a silent TV program that invites its viewers to experience meditative voyages into the world of painting and video art. Before Ikono TV she was the head of the art fund Artemis, the founder and head of the art advisory department of J. Henry Schröder Bank as well as the senior manager of the paintings department at Sotheby’s Geneva. In 1997, she also co-founded the first online art gallery, eyestorm. Rightfully we can say: Elizabeth Markevitch is a pioneer in the field of conveying art in the digital age.

Interview + 2nd camera: Max Dax, DOP + editing: Lucia Lux, photo: Lucia Lux, animations: TOPE, introduction: Craig Holiday Haynes

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