Tracy Jeanne Rosenthal

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Tracy Jeanne Rosenthal

Season 2 · Episode 9

Tracy Jeanne Rosenthal is a writer based in Los Angeles. She has performed at the New Museum (NY), REDCAT (LA), and the McDonalds on Sunset & Fountain, and published chapbooks with Publication Studio and Gauss PDF. Her writings on art have appeared in Artforum, X-tra, and Rhizome, but most frequently in Art in America. She is the editor of the Art Los Angeles Reader and a member of School of Echoes and the LA Tenants Union. In this episode, Rosenthal presents a host of research and inspiration for her forthcoming book, a work of fiction set at a real mall in Glendale, California. Her clips touch on the scripted space of Las Vegas, special effects architecture of 17th century Rome, and General Electric's influence on both Ronald Reagan and Walt Disney.

Interview: Anne Orchier & Jonny Coleman, director: Annathan, camera: Jeremy Franchi, 2nd Camera: Jonny Coleman, editing: Richard G. Brzozowski, animations: TOPE, introduction: Craig Holiday Haynes, photo: Jeremy Franchi

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