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Pan Daijing

Season 3 · Episode 6

Pan Daijing is a rising experimental electronic noise artist from Guiyang, a southwestern Chinese city of four million inhabitants, now based in Berlin where she released her debut album „Lack" on the influential PAN label. Her music can be best described as a fragmented amalgamate of industrial sounds, drones, ambient soundscapes, noise and techno. But Pan Daijing is also an inspired performance artist who learned to dance from the age of three. Her raw approach as a composer and performer assumes many forms — performance art, sound, dance and installation, hinging heavily on improvisation and acts of storytelling. In her STRRR episode, Pan Daijing shares with us two great Chinese TV and cinema epiphanies, excerpts from a documentary film about the politically charged industrial music of Test Dept. and Coil as well as excerpts from an intriguing conversation between John Berger and Susan Sontag about narratives and storytelling (and more).

Interview + 2nd Camera: Max Dax, DOP + editing: Lucia Lux, Photo: Lucia Lux, Animations: TOPE, Introduction: Craig Holiday Haynes,

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