Friedrich Liechtenstein

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Friedrich Liechtenstein

Season 3 · Episode 9

Born in 1956 in Stalinstadt, Friedrich Liechtenstein is one of Germany‘s most talked-about actors who also expresses himself as a theater and TV director, a singer of catchy electro pop tunes as well as a writer and painter. Liechtenstein’s most prolific role to date was his invention The Dolphin Man - a fictional character who would regularly appear in Liechtenstein’s performances, video pieces and songs. On STRRR TV, Liechtenstein explains how he buried The Dolphin Man to rise again as... The Elevator Man. For his episode, Friedrich has selected seven outstanding video clips that have one conceptual common thread: the vertical world of Elevator Man, featuring Raymond Roussell, Wilhelm Reich, Kate Bush and others.

Interview + 2nd Camera: Max Dax, DOP + editing: Lucia Lux, Photo: Lucia Lux, Animations: TOPE, Introduction: Craig Holiday Haynes,

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