Bettina Scholz

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Bettina Scholz

Season 4 · Episode 6

Born in 1979, Bettina Scholz is a highly acclaimed Berlin-based painter and sculptor. By merging motifs from science-fiction novels and films with elements of Gothic painting in her complex acrylic glass works, she engenders a vast amalgamation of different periods and influences. Flickering in the depths of her layered, three-dimensional glass paintings we can catch glimpses of her penchant for the sacred and banal. This way her paintings, mostly set in baroquely opulent forms, become atmospheric force fields, intensely fictional and sensuous, hovering between beauty and threat, two extremes that Scholz sees as being part of the primeval idea of life itself.

Interview + 2nd Camera: Max Dax, DOP + editing: Lucia Lux, Photo: Lucia Lux, Animations: TOPE, Introduction: Craig Holiday Haynes.

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