Emma Warren

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Emma Warren

Season 5 · Episode 5

Emma Warren is a widely respected journalist, editor and interviewer, known for an integrity and passion for music and culture that shines through in her work. Emma was a founding contributor of influential Manchester music magazine, Jockey Slut, before working as a staff writer at THE FACE magazine in the 90s. Her writing has appeared in The Guardian, Observer, Independent and a range of music publications in the UK and America. Emma is currently Global Editor of Red Bull's social innovation website Amaphiko, and has edited numerous award-winning publications, launching her own Sweet Machine Publishing later this year. She is a widely respected interviewer, conducting live panels and discussions with esteemed names such as Brian Eno, Bjork and Andrew Weatherall, and hosts her own monthly radio show on Worldwide FM.

1st Camera: Alisha Boatswain, Interview + 2nd Camera: Dave O'Donnell, DOP + editing: Dave O'Donnell, Photo: Dave O'Donnell, Animations: TOPE, Introduction: Craig Holiday Haynes.

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