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Daniel Blumberg

Season 5 · Episode 6

Daniel Blumberg is a London-based musician and artist who began an improvised music project in 2013 with a group of radical musicians centered around London Dalston’s Café Oto scene – among them Seymour Wright, Ute Kanngiesser and Jim White of Dirty Three fame. In the last few months, Blumberg has received positive acclaim from the art scene as well, most notably from the world’s most influential art curator – and STRRR TV host –, Hans Ulrich Obrist, who praised Blumberg as one of „London’s most exciting emerging new artists“. In May 2018, Daniel Blumberg released his highly anticipated debut album “Minus” on Daniel Miller’s label Mute Records. In his STRRR episode, Daniel Blumberg selected video clips from both the art and the music world, ranging from wild freejazz improvisation featuring Keiji Haino, Toshi Tsushitori, Seymour Wright and Ute Kanngiesser at Café Oto in London to filmed portraits of the painters Freddie Brice and Karel Appel.

Interview + 2nd Camera: Max Dax, DOP + editing: Lucia Lux, Photo: Lucia Lux, Animations: TOPE, Introduction: Craig Holiday Haynes

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