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Patrick Pulsinger

Season 5 · Episode 9

Patrick Pulsinger is a Vienna-based producer and DJ and has been working as a composer for more than 20 years. Born in East Germany in the 1970s, his mother relocated the family to Austria in 1980. At the age of 18 Pulsinger moved to Vienna, where he co-founded Cheap Records together with Erdem Tunakan in 1993 as a playground for their own productions as well as those of like-minded artists. A pioneer in techno music and analog recording techniques, today he is well known in many contexts, due to a broad range of international releases and live appearances at various international festivals as well as his compositions for orchestras, movies or plays. In his STRRR episode, Pulsinger video selections recall special moments in music history that had a large impact on his development as a musician and artist.

Interview: Katharina Hirschmann, DOP & Editing: Christoph Varga, 2nd Camera & Editing: Andreas Fischer, Photo: Christioph Varga, Animations: TOPE, Introduction: Craig Holiday Haynes

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